Vein Magazine

Vein Magazine 13th issue
Exploring the comic fanzine and photocopy aesthetic
Creative Direction • Editorial Design


In this Vein Magazine we explore the comic fanzine and photocopy aesthetic, with 3D elements and noise texture over pictures. A rhythm is conduce, by the contrast of the oversized text and distortion effects to convey a fresh approach to the conventional fanzine design.


In VEIN #13 we will find the artwork of Julien Deceroi, cover story with Berta Pfirsich in collaboration with Desigual. Interviews with Mai BlancoJanet EchelmanShu HungMarco Nieuwenhuizen for Vein Kids, and Bruno Pieters. Up to 9 editorials that include Alberto Ruso, Elena GrimaldiCarlos Moreno, Julien Ponchou for Carhartt WIPScott SalingerAnne y JoseElena Bofill and Jaume VidiellaCecilia DuarteRita Puig Serra, and a final conversation between María Baños and Ida Johannson.



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