Vein Magazine

Vein Magazine 12th Issue
An experimentation on editorial design to find a visual balance of contrasts, exploring graphics systems within a systematic grid.
Creative Direction • Editorial Design • Graphic System

Being our experimental editorial design platform, in this Vein Magazine we explore the idea of a graphic system within a systematic grid to find the best proportions. There is a strong contrast between two different typefaces we primarily use, a thin display serif typeface and a monospace. This issue contains several different types of papers, where we experiment with a monotone effect using grey ink over grey paper, use of a metallic purple color, and for the first time the use of 5 inks with a metallic color as a background.


VEIN 12th

In VEIN #12 we will find the entourage of Alba Torrenz, artwork of Manon Wertenbroek, cover story with Filip Custic and María Forqué in collaboration with Gucci. Interviews with Anna Castillo, Lisa Lovatt-Smith, Berta Bernad, Georgia May Jagger and Marine Serré. Up to 12 editorials that include Carlos Moreno, Elena Grimaldi, Javier Cortés, David Urbano, Anabel Luna, Carmen Ordoñez, Paula Latimori, Patricia Bonet, Santiago González, Sara Moran and Kin Yuen, and a final conversation between María Sanchez and Elena Medel.


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