Vein Magazine

Vein Magazine 11th Issue
An ongoing exploration in experimental editorial design, focusing on the visual language of today's youth culture.
Content Edition • Editorial Design • Graphic System




Vein Magazine has been our experimental platform for editorial design for quite a while now. For this issue we decided to highlight the contrast between traditional lay-outs and off the grid designs. Extended, pixelated headlines fill the magazine while printed on several types of paper using 5 different inks including a metallic copper color.


VEIN 11th

In VEIN #11 we will find the entourage of Mireia Ruiz, artwork of Chloe Wise, interviews with Amarna Miller, Eylül Aslan, Elena Martin, Mery Cuesta, Style Like U and Maite Méndez. The reflections of Gemma Cuadrado and Belén Torregrosa, The BEAUTY special with our classic trend Map, chicas normales by Josefina Andrés, up to 12 editorials, a special with Mr.Boho and a final conversation between Filip Custic and Daniela Blume.



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