Tunica 5th Issue
Constructing a bridge between content and experience, a pure exercise in composition.
Art Direction • Editorial Design


Tunica is in constant change and every issue is spearheaded by different art directors, changing the scenery but not the essence. The redesign by Córdova Canillas, is under the perspective of fluidity of content, part TEXT part IMAGE, every article was designed separately of others using a five column layout with a set of basic rules allowing different compositions, creating a spatial experience.


cordovacanillas_tunica_a4 cordovacanillas_tunica_a5


cordovacanillas_tunica_a2 cordovacanillas_tunica_a3


cordovacanillas_tunica_a6 cordovacanillas_tunica_a1



We have constructed a bridge between content and audience based on the experience of a gallery visit. Tunica’s 5th issue is a pure exercise in composition.

cordovacanillas_tunica_b1 cordovacanillas_tunica_b2