PULL&BEAR, Inditex Group

Pull&Bear x Marc Márquez
An alliance based on a single and clear ideal to reflect the spirit of motorcycling.
Editorial Design




For the event premiere of the new exclusive collection of Pull&Bear, we designed the Press Dossier and a Sticker Booklet to present its collaboration with the five times world champion Marc Márquez. The inspiration of the collection and the background story of each illustration is being explained step by step to pay tribute to the motorcycling community and its biker icons.




Press Dossier

The result of the close collaboration between Pull&Bear and Marc Márquez is being shown into a brochure for the press conference. The process and the references are being described to the journalists through anecdotes of the life of the young Marc Márquez.


PullandBear_Press01 PullandBear_Press02

The exclusive collection combines the spirit of motorcycle racing and fashion in ground breaking style.

PullandBear_Press03 PullandBear_Press04PullandBear_Press05 PullandBear_Press08 PullandBear_Press06PullandBear_Press07 PullandBear_Press09


Sticker Album

To introduce the design of the collection with Marc Márquez, the pictures and the illustrations are being displayed on a sticker album to take the design out of its support. The booklet is being distributed during the fan day event and the premiere launch of the collection the 30th of March 2017 in Madrid.

PullandBear_Stickers02 PullandBear_Stickers03PullandBear_Stickers04  PullandBear_Stickers05PullandBear_Stickers06PullandBear_Stickers06 PullandBear_Stickers08