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Olivier Zahm with Hedy
A performative photoshoot mixes innocence and desire on the roof of the Standard Hotel.
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The third issue of morena was shot by OLIVIER ZAHM, Editor-in-chief and Publisher of Purple Fashion Magazine. His philosophy relating to erotism, nudity and sex through photography is full of performative facts that are purely developed in these shootings, in his words “I understood that morena was about the celebration of one girl, the celebration of her sensuality, her energy. It’s the first time that a magazine allows me to deepen the contact with a model and to shoot more than once. It’s the kind of things they only do in Japan. I have no assistant, there’s no hair and makeup, so somehow, something more intimate, more personal is bound to happen. Even one assistant changes the spirit of the shoot.”


morena-03-02 morena-03-03


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“Photography is like an escape without any rules. You just have to manage good lighting; good settings on the camera, and not forgetting the memory card in your camera.”

Olivier Zahm




Photography by OLIVIER ZAHM
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