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Henrik Purienne with Hannah Guest
The return of the nudity paradigm in 48 pages, Morena explores erotics in a very honest way.
Content Edition • Creative Direction


OUR first morena was shot in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles by the South African born photographer and filmmaker Henrik Purienne. He traces his lifestyle in everything he does. Founder, co-editor and creative director of the international fashion magazine Mirage, Purienne has worked for magazines and brands such as American Apparel, LUI, Maison Kitsune, MIRAGE, NYLON, Costume National, Adult, Camper, NEON, Zimmerman, Esquire, Adidas, GQ, among others.


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“It’s like we both know a lot of people… and a lot of people ‘know’ us… but know one really knows anything”.

Henrik Purienne




Photography by HENRIK PURIENNE
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