MAM Originals

A collaboration arising from a radical view
Art Direction • Photography

MAM is more than a watch company. MAM is dedicated to the exchange of ideas and experimentation with natural resources through its products. With a philosophy of sustainability, they use new materials to change the standards of the watchmaking world.

Through certified wood, recycled leather and cardboard, and a delivery system that reduces CO2 emissions, they are committed to a new lifestyle that motivates their customers to not simply choose an accessory, but a symbol.


As a necessary response, the collaboration with MAM arises from a radical point of view. It is about building a message that connects the future with the irremediable. Nowadays we are the most conscious and unconscious society in history. Therefore, the campaign had to have an extreme message that could show clearly the worst face of the near future.

To assemble this message, first of all, it was necessary to show the receivers a reference that would place them quickly within the context we are dealing with. In this case, an answer was found in the selection of audiovisual resources that were related to environmental catastrophes.

Having this concept, the inclusion of the watch was done organically, since, from the beginning, its functionality was the main factor to highlight in the campaign. With some photos that showed the possible forms of wearing the product, the clock acquired a symbology that presided the entire campaign.

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