Vein Magazine

Graphic system for a bimonthly magazine
A rigorous experimentation exercise breaking the current trends of editorial design.
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VEIN is a quarterly youth publication with 350+ pages containing art, fashion, design and more. Envisioned as an alternative spanish magazine mixing emerging fashion with the best established brands in the industry, VEIN is for a public looking for a different kind of female magazine: one that has attitude and understands fashion differently than typical magazines for girls.

In its editorial line, reputed collaborators and new talents unite to bring readers closer to what is happening in the fashion industry, whilst being an endless source of inspiration and references. As for the design our approach was to create a magazine out of what we understand as contemporary and fresh, by distorting the grid, the layout and the typography unlike an archetypical magazine design.




Rosalía is only twenty-three and is already one of the most promising and distinctive voices of today’s flamenco scene. She has worked with C. Tangana, La Fura dels Baus, Chicuelo or Rocío Márquez, among others. She has been working for two years on releasing the debut she dreamed with Raül Fernández of Refree as producer and mentor. In this issue we get to know about her history, backgrounds and ambitions in an interview by Estel Vilaseca with an editorial directed by Córdova Canillas, with photography by David Urbano, stylism by Marianne Krauss with total looks from GUCCI FW 2016. Also in this number of VEIN: interviews with Jessica Trosman, Valerie Steele, Amalia Ulman and photography by Andoni & Arantxa, Ane & Jose, Elena Grimaldi, Ana Sting, Marc Rosés, Elisa Carnicer, Carmen Ordoñez, Santiago Belizón and Valeria Mitelman, and a special #VEINKIDS full of surprises.




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La Zowi, Ms Nina, and Bad Gyal are the leading woman representing the trap scene in Spain, a musical genre that has become a movement and social phenomenon. In an interview by Claire O’Keefe, with accompanying photos by Teddy Iborra with stylism by Ana Murillas, they tell us about their backgrounds and ambitions. Also in this number of VEIN: An analysis of current runway trends by Célia Valverde, interviews with Monika Mogi, Marc Monzó, Lola Nova, Gabriela Richardson, and photography by Javier Castán, César Segarra, Azahara Fernández, Coke Bartrina, Noel Quintela, Marc Rosés, and Jordan Tiberio.




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On the cover: Leticia Dolera, lead actress of the movie Requisitos para ser una persona normal. Inside this issue you can read interviews with internet feminist Molly Soda, costume designer Sonia Grande, actress Greta Fernández, Belgian-born LA transplant Natalie Joos, and upcoming talent collective Comme des Machines, who 3D print their clothes. This issue has a three-party conversation between a hairdresser, a dancer and one of the girls of the moment: Aaliyah Rosales. Also in this number: photography by Adrián Catalán, Alejandro Cascallana, Ana Armendariz, Anne Roig, Lara Alegre, Marc Rosés, and Javier Ly. Endsheets by Teddy Iborra Wicksteadand a new spine illustration by Cynthia Kittler.




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Photographed by super duo Filip y Kito, Sita Abellán appears on the cover in Moisés Nieto shirt, Pepa Salazar skirt, earrings and brooches Andrés Gallardo and Ela Fildalgo hat.

As always, the first few pages are devoted to Entourage, this time starring creative director Cristina Ramos presenting her circle of friends and collaborators with photos by Txema Yeste. Also featured in this number: a report on the return of Sybilla with photos by Daniel Riera, the plants of Polly Brown, actress Aida Folch, Diana Vreeland’s grandson Alexander, and a conversation between Isabel Coixet and Ignacio Vidal-Folch.




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Natalia Ferviú appears on the cover of the fifth issue photographed by Noel Quintela. She’s a fashion editor, tv-personality, and occasional DJ, and in this issue she opens up to readers about her private life and her childhood. Also interviewed in this number: rising star Mar del Hoyo, makeup artist Sylvie Imbert, and Lizzie Armanto —a skater from sunny California. Filled with inspiring stories, beautiful editorials from the likes of young creative duo Filip y Kito, illustrations by María Herreros, Andrea Gómez, and Cachete Jack, and a special on current African fashion inspiration trends.




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Arvida Byström, a multitalented artist-photographer-model-musician known for her her trademark use of pinkish pastel colors, is the new face for the cover of VEIN. As the accidental poster-girl of the nonconformist online feminist movement, she appears on the cover story photographed by Noel Quintela and styled by Natalia Ferviú. These images were then later intervened by Argentinian artist Sara Rainoldi with paint and glitter. In this edition, the Entourage feature is dedicated to illustrator Paula Bonet and 4 of her friends, and in the rest of the magazine one can find interviews with Lidewji Edelkoort and Patrícia Soley-Beltran, 10 fashion editorials by excellent photographers such as David Urbano, Albert Ruso, Camila Falquez, Laura Barcia, Lara Alegre and Javier Castán, current trends and a mother-daughter conversation between Verónica Forqué and her eccentric daughter, María.




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For its third issue, the singer Lourdes Hernández (better known as Russian Red) appears on the cover shot by Tim Barber. Inside you can find out about Pepi de Boissieu —a French-Argentinian creative foodie who organizes gastronomic actions— and her entourage of friends. Also in this number there is an interview with Sophie Calle (photographed by Daniel Riera), a conversation with choreographer Morau Marcos, a visit to Alex Katz’s studio, and a selection of collages by Lola Dupré which have been created from countless layers of William Kano’s Photography.






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Galician actress, model and Instagram personality Alba Galocha graces the cover of youth magazine for women VEIN, appearing styled by Nono Vázquez and photographed by Gorka Postigo for this edition.

In this number you get to know the entourage of Bea Deza, founder of the brand Sister Jane, learn about eCommerce or Marianne Faithfull’s life, and read interviews with Debbie Smith, Rei Nadal, Herbert Hofman (of Voo Store Berlin), and the young and exciting band Mourn in a feature with photography by Daniel Riera.




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Bimba Bosé stars the debut issue of VEIN with a powerful cover image accompanied by an intimate interview and an editorial by Gorka Postigo. Inside there are also an inteview with Ana Murillas, portraits by Daniel Riera, editorials shot by David Urbano, Nuria Rius, Coco Capitán and more surprises.




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