Fuet Magazine

3th Issue: POLITICS
Eating is a political act. A peripheral view on food culture.
Creative Direction • Editorial Design


The long awaited third edition of FUET opens with the following statement: EATING IS A POLITICAL ACT. The emblematic cover has been photographed by Txema Yeste, with set design and props by Cristina Ramos and art directed by Córdova Canillas.

Within this number there is insightful content such as an interview with acclaimed cartoonist Miguel Brieva, an essay on superfoods by Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga and recipes by Hector Bracchiglione and Pepi de Boisseau.



cordova_canillas_fuet_3_01 cordova_canillas_fuet_3_02


cordova_canillas_fuet_3_03 cordova_canillas_fuet_3_04


cordova_canillas_fuet_3_05 cordova_canillas_fuet_3_06


Cacerolazos is the act of protesting with pots. This is the subject of an editorial we created, with photography by Daniel Bartolomé and cookware from Plateselector.



cordova_canillas_fuet_3_09 cordova_canillas_fuet_3_10


cordova_canillas_fuet_3_11 cordova_canillas_fuet_3_12


cordova_canillas_fuet_3_13 cordova_canillas_fuet_3_14


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