Design for Posidonia

Art direction for a cause.
A collaboration with HERE WE ARE to help raise awareness through beautiful and meaningful design.

During the last months, we have collaborated with the non-profit organization HERE WE ARE managing the identity on their latest project to fight for the protection of posidonia.

Consisting of a unique furniture collection by top design manufacturers and independent designers from Barcelona, the project aimed to raise founds for the NGO, GOB Mallorca, in their work to preserve the seagrass meadows.

Our role to communicate the issue and initiative started with two concepts words, mediterranean and design. From which we worked on the identity, commissioned illustrator Alexis Jamet, collaborated with photographer Jara Varela and created the graphics for it’s different supports and distribution channels.


We played with the curviness of the Posidonia to create a custom lettering for the identity / logo and paired it with two other fonts that boxed and created the structure along the different supports.


Aiming to introduce the subject of the issue in a welcoming imagery we commissioned illustrator Alexis Jamet to create an animated illustration of the mediterranean Posidonia. Which we implemented in the poster for the event and the T-shirt.


Art Direction

We art directed the shoot of the pieces with the aim to refer to the sea.