Antoni Arola

Coses normals poc habituals
A brief on Antoni Arola's eclectic objects collection in a hardcover book.
Book design • Creative Direction • Editorial Design


What is this book about?

Found or given. Anonymous, unpretentious design. Rare, odd, original, either by function, form or origin. Authentic, handmade or with a close link between form and function. In short, normal but unusual things.


Dozens of shelves, corners, boxes and tables in the home-studio of designer Antoni Arola are filled with hundreds of ‘unique objects’, to describe them in a simple way: objects which he has been collecting for as long as he can remember. It is not collecting; it is something he does day-to-day which has ended up infecting his way of life.


This book continues to be a compilation of a number of approaches to these items around Toni. It can be close up, like in an exhibition, hearing tales or a conversation, pictures and people, especially people’s point of view on these things.




arola-01 arola-02


arola-03 arola-04


arola-05 arola-06 arola-07 arola-08


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arola-11 arola-12



Antoni Arola invited some friend of him like Fernando Amat, Javier Mariscal, Josep Bohigas, Nani Marquina, Miguel Milà, Oriol Villar or Nina Maso, among many others to choose their four favorites objects and explain why of the election.
To represent each of the guests’ choices Córdova Canillas shot a series of still lifes.




arola-bodegons-01   arola-bodegons-02


arola-bodegons-05   arola-bodegons-06


Interview by MARC MORRO
Photography by ADRIÀ CAÑAMERAS
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