Using cultural keys to create
an object-based book.

Spanish advertising annual 2016

EACH year the c de c (Creative’s Club) selects one of the most representative studios in Spain to design the SPANISH ADVERTISING ANNUAL. This year we have had the great honour of been appointed to design the 17th edition of this annual.

Between nostalgia and obsolescence

THIS book is part of the encyclopedic tradition for two reasons: firstly, as an unifier of content by nature, and secondly, because of its symbolic value as an object. It works in affective terms: it is nostalgic and obsolete, since nowadays having a book of this nature is like inheriting a gold watch of your grandfather or keeping a vinyl record player at home. It is also a milestone: an object whose function is to represent a precise moment in which distinguished individuals or teams have been awarded.

An approach to hypertext

SINCE c de c commissioned us the annual as a reference book, its design should facilitate the task of finding things. Therefore we have designed indexes for each section specifying the name of the piece and its award, making it simpler to find a specific project without having to browse through the whole book.

Modern Details

THE usage of production details give the annual a modern yet classic appearance, the holographic foiled edges plus the black over black stamping transform this book in a contemporary interpretation of the longevity of the encyclopedia.

Portraiting decisions

WE decided to give importance to the jury —not only the president but also the specific juries— so we commissioned over twenty individual portraits to TEDDY IBORRA, also known for his work for METAL MAGAZINE, BMW and DAMIR DOMA. Showing the faces of the people who are behind these decisions is a way to humanize the qualities of these awards.

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THE symbolic value of this piece also affects its details: as the main typeface we have chosen CENTURY SCHOOLBOOK, a transitional serif drawn a hundred years ago for CENTURY MAGAZINE with the purpose of replacing the movable type.

AS a secondary typeface we have used PRESTIGE ELITE STANDARD, a monospaced font drawn for IBM in 1953 as replacement for COURIER, the typeface for use in the brand new electric typewriters. Both fonts are an innovation for their times, creating a new discourse by interpreting the tradition.


FOR the cover, spine, and section dividers we have commissioned a series of drawings under the premise of the creation as concept, illustrated by the artist MARC O’CALLAGHAN. With clear references to medieval symbolism and classical art, O’CALLAGHAN has skillfully synthesized each of the sections by creating symbolic landscapes full of hidden meanings. You can find the full explanation behind them on the last pages of the book.

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spanish advertising annual 2016

The design of this Annual will last over time, its conception levitates between modern —for its details— and conservative —for its structure. Its design is part of a tradition and as an object its forms part of our memory.

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