Fucking Young!

15th Issue: ALIENS
Third type editorial encounter from outer space!
Creative Direction • Editorial Design

The 15th issue of Fucking Young! This edition is packed with unexpected and odd extraterrestrial content. It comes straight from outer space to open our minds. We wanted the design to reflect this idea and developed graphic systems that challenge the reader on every page. Recollections from torn apart FBI agent’s investigation folders meet space explorers’ diaries, while some pages show direct proof of non-human intelligence.


The cover features Actor Jorge López as our “man who fell to Earth” shot by Michiel Meewis and styled in FW19 Louis Vuitton by Michael Miller. With other Contributing Photographers like Adam Peter Johnson, Celeste Galanda, Dean Hoy Hengyi Liang, Jason Lasswell, Jesus Diaz, Kapturing, Manuel Zúñiga, Marc Medina, Nick Gavrilov, Peggy Kuiper, Pepo Fernandez, Reece Owen, Ronald Stoops, Simon, and Valentin Fabre.

A futuristic, alien like touch was added by creating some of the headlines in a 3D software. Taking inspiration from the great variety of life forms existing here on earth, the aim was to explore the possibilities extraterrestrial life could offer in terms of features. Strange and often grotesque, these 3d objects bring another level of uncanny to the pages.