Fucking Young!

12th Issue: MYSTIC
Bringing up a sense of darkness and street art.
Creative Direction • Editorial Design

Following our evolutive approach to editorial design, in the 12th issue we were inspired by the fanzine era, bringing up a sense of darkness and street art. The introduction of some elements such as blackletter typeface and outlined illustrations trough out the magazine reflects the mystic theme of this issue.


The cover story was photographed and art directed by Hunter and Gatti, with the issue including editorials and interviews by Peggy Kuiper, Daniel del Valle, Maximilian Semlinger, Troye Sivan, Sanam Khatibi, Saverio Cardia, Serpentwithfeet, Petrovsky & Ramone, Robert Montgomery, Allan Hamitouche, Leeor Wild, and many more.





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