Fucking Young!

11th Issue: ROYAL
Editorial balance between the antiquated and the modern.
Creative Direction • Editorial Design

The 11th issue of Fucking Young! is the first issue after the magazine’s redesign.  We had to make decisions regarding which graphic systems would now change from issue to issue, and what would remain the same. Taking inspiration from 18th and 19th century graphic design, we introduced small imperfections that were so characteristic of design in the pre-digital age.  Drawing certain elements by hand and making lettering to use as large ornamental drop caps to initiate each section was a way that we were able to transmit the feeling of “Royal” without losing the feel of the redesign. 


Royal is an antiquated concept, and we chose to play with this contrast of old and new in the essay sections by creating large images of textiles in 3D. 


The cover story was photographed and art directed by Romain Kremer, with the issue including editorials and interviews by Allan Hamitouche, Dries Van Noten, Eva K. Salvi, Federico Ferrari, John Dolan, Maria Rita, Mariana Castro, Michael Smits, Olya Oleinic, Ruth Ossai, Sergey Vtulkin, and many more.









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