Córdova Canillas

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VEIN No.7 

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On the cover of VEIN No.7: Leticia Dolera, lead actress of the movie Requisitos para ser una persona normal. Inside of this issue you can read interviews with internet feminist Molly Soda, costume designer Sonia Grande, actress Greta Fernández, Belgian born LA transplant Natalie Joos, and upcoming talent collective Comme des Machines, who 3D print their clothes. This issue has a three-party conversation between a hairdresser, a dancer and one of the girls of the moment: Aaliyah Rosales. Also in this number: photography by Adrián Catalán, Alejandro Cascallana, Ana Armendariz, Anne Roig, Lara Alegre, Marc Rosés, Javier Ly and endsheets by Teddy Iborra Wickstead, and a new spine illustration by Cynthia Kittler.

FUET No.3 Magazine about food and its peripheries

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The long awaited third edition of FUET opens with the following statement: EATING IS A POLITICAL ACT. With an emblematic cover photographed by Txema Yeste, with set design and props by Cristina Ramos and art directed by Córdova–Canillas.

Within this number there is insightful content such as an interview with acclaimed cartoonist Miguel Brieva, an essay on superfoods by Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga and recipes by Hector Bracchiglione and Pepi de Boisseau.

Also in this number: Illustrations by Andrea Gómez, Marie Tooth, Phoebe Doran, Alba Feito, and an editorial by Córdova Canillas with photography by Daniel Bartolomé on Cacerolazos, the act of protesting with pots.

Available at http://fuetmagazine.com/

VEIN No.6 

VEIN-6-02 VEIN-6-03 VEIN-6-04 VEIN-6-05 VEIN-6-23 VEIN-6-24

2015 has been quite a busy year for Sita Abellán. She has achieved international fame in just a few months after appearing in Rihanna’s BBHMM video and Vogue has mentioned her as “Street Style Star on the Rise”. Photographed by Filip & Kito, Sita appears on the cover in Moisés Nieto shirt, Pepa Salazar skirt, earrings and brooches Andrés Gallardo and Ela Fildalgo hat.

As always, the first few pages are devoted to Entourage, this time starring creative director Cristina Ramos presenting her circle of friends and collaborators. Also featured in this number: a report on the return of Sybilla with photos by Daniel Riera, the plants of Polly Brown, actress Aida Alexander Folch, Diana Vreeland’s grandson Alexander, and a conversation between Isabel Coixet and Ignacio Vidal-Folch.

Available at ilovepaper.co and bookstores and kiosks all over Spain.

D’Or Paper Catalogue and art direction in photography for Roosik&Co.


Designed and hand-crafted by Jordi Rosich and Albert Jorquera in their workshop in the town of Girona, Roosik&Co.’s jewelry combine precious metals and gemstones in an evocative and nostalgic collection, consisting of pieces which are both elegant and seductive, and awaken the emotions of the wearer.

Available at http://www.roosik.cat/

SLUM Lab 10: Si/No Architecture magazine


“THIS IS NOT REALLY A MAGAZINE” is the opening sentence of this collection of essays by Urban-Think Tank produced as a special anniversary edition to mark the tenth issue of SLUM Lab. It has a double function as it is also the accompanying catalog of the retrospective exhibition “Si/No: The Architecture of Urban-Think Tank” that opened in the Hauptgebäude at ETH Zürich. Urban-Think Tank is an interdisciplinary design practice founded by Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner in 1998. As a team they are dedicated to research, practice, teaching, and artistic production focused on the informal city. This publication, presented as a curated anthology of the published work since 2002, also includes essays, articles, book extracts, excerpts from out-of-print issues, archival and documentary photo essays, as well as new contributions from Andres Lepik and Justin McGuirk.

Read yours now at http://u-tt.com/publications/

VEIN No.5 Youth magazine

VEIN-05-01 VEIN-05-02 VEIN-05-04 VEIN-05-08 VEIN-05-17 VEIN-05-19
Natalia Ferviú appears on the cover on number 5 photographed by Noel Quintela. She’s a fashion editor, tv-personality, and occasional DJ, and in this issue she opens up to readers about her private life and her childhood. Also interviewed in this number: rising star Mar del Hoyo, makeup artist Sylvie Imbert, and Lizzie Armanto – a skater from sunny California.

Filled with inspiring stories, beautiful editorials from the likes of young creative duo Filip Custic and Kito Muñoz, illustrations by María Herreros, Andrea Gómez, and Cachete Jack, and a special on current African fashion inspiration trends.

Available at http://vein.es/ and bookstores and kiosks all over Spain.

Fucking Young No.7, OBSESSION Fashion magazine for men


Fucking Young!’s Fall/Winter 2015 issue is dedicated to OBSESSION. American model and instagram sensation Lucky Blue Smith appears on this cover in Moschino, photographed in a shimmering pink photoshoot by Pierre et Gilles. The French creative duo have pictured the rapidly rising star with with their signature flair. In the 263-pages of this number, readers can expect to see plenty of imagery and discussion surrounding the obsessions of all kinds, including interviews with Mark Colle and Milan Vukmirovic.

Fucking Young! is available for sale at http://fuckingyoung.es/ and in select bookstores worldwide.